Emergency HVAC Services in Florida : What to do when your AC Breaks

One would think that here in Florida, one of the hottest States in the Union, that if your Air Conditioner fails that it could and should be an Emergency. But Guess what? Florida state laws and regulations do not specifically mention AC failure as an emergency.

That's rather ludicrous isn't it? AC failure is Not an Emergency?

However, some regulations and standards require landlords and building owners to provide tenants and residents with a safe and habitable living environment.

This however doesn't mean that the landlord and building owners are legally required to repair your AC. That's right, there is no law making it mandatory. In fact, landlords and Building owners don't even have to take any action.

But you can...

Fortunately, Emergency services for AC failure are widely available and accessible to Florida residents. There are agencies like, the Florida Public Service Commission, that ensure that residents receive safe and reliable utility services, including air conditioning.

Residents should reach out to a trusted, local HVAC service provider or technician to access Florida AC failure emergency services. 

While you are awaiting the HVAC service provider, there are things you can do to make the heat far more tolerable and prevent any unnecessary hospital visits.

  • Use Fans: Moving Air helps keep the body cool. User Ceiling or Floor fans to move the air and to keep it circulating. 
  • Use a Portable AC Unit: Yes this is a pricey solution, however Portable Air conditioners are available at your local Home Improvement, as well as some Larger department stores.
  • Take Cool Showers: If you're beginning to feel flushed and/or beginning to overheat, cool down with a cool shower. Granted in most cases here in Florida "Cold Water" isn't precisely cold, but it is generally cooler than risking heat stroke.

    Also, don't completely dry off. We're not saying put your clothes right back on after the cool water cooldown, but don't completely dry off. Let the moisture and water on your skin, and hopefully the moving air from your fans, cool your body down.
  • Drink cool, not COLD water. 
  • Go to your Car: Hopefully, in Florida you have a car with some Air Conditioning. If possible, head to your car and crank up the AC to help cool yourself and others down.
  • Layer-Down your Clothing: Keep your modesty to its bare minimums. Exposing your Body and appendages to as much cooler air or moving air as possible can help you cool your body down.

Recognize the Signs of Heat exhaustion and Heat stroke:
Please save this handy reference card to your phone or device. It can probably save you or others. If you or anyone in your household is suffering from any of the Heat Stroke Symptoms - CALL 911 - you and your family's safety is priority one.

When you are in state to do so, reach out to a reputable company and/or technicians provide 24/7 emergency services for AC repair and replacement. 

Do you need Emergency Service?

Contact Us right away if your system is doing any of the following:
  • Your system isn’t cooling your entire home or the airflow is weak
  • You have to adjust your thermostat frequently
  • The AC is making strange or loud noises
  • You notice a high level of humidity
  • There is an unpleasant odor coming from your system
  • The system is frequently cycling on and off
  • Your AC is blowing warm air
Chances are you're in a hot place. Let's get you chilled out again. CALL US NOW: