How to save on Energy Bills in Florida with Smart Thermostats

Using less energy is always key to minimize your electric bill. The Less energy used, the less your bill is. Using a Smart Thermostat is one additional way that you can lower your energy costs.

Most Smart Thermostats come with an App, that you can install on your phone or tablet, to manage, monitor and program schedules for your HVAC System. This Can be exceedingly helpful for those times that there is no one at home.

What is a Smart Thermostat?

A Smart Thermostat is a device connected via Wi-Fi that allows you to control the temperature of your home from nearly any location in the home (with the use of an app). Most if not all new Smart Thermostats also have a Touchscreen panel which can be used to help you optimize your HVAC needs in your home.

They're generally easier to read that the conventional thermostat, they're more accurate and they're easier to use.

Control the Temperature...from anywhere

Since most, if not all Smart Thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled, this mean you can control the temperature of your home from anywhere and on nearly any device that's connected to the Wi-Fi network. With this accessibility in mind, being able to easily manage and control your Thermostat from anywhere can spell out big energy and cooling cost savings.

Reports on Energy Usage

Wouldn't you like to know how you're doing on the energy consumption of your HVAC System? Well, with a Smart Thermostat you can. Most will be able to tracks and report on various details including but not limited to:

  • How long your HVAC System has been running
  • Personalized Recommendations for Energy Consumption Optimization
  • Temperature Control through out the day
  • Reminders on Air Filter Changes

Of course these features are dependent upon the type of Thermostat you purchase.

Temperature Control

Smart Thermostats can offer additional savings by using features like a Schedule. How does this work? You can program a cooling (or heating) Schedule into your Thermostat to optimize its use throughout the day. 

Virtual Assistants can help too

Do you have an Alexa or Google Nest (or Assistant) or Siri? Some Smart Thermostats can work with these Virtual Assistants so you can control your Temperature with your voice. Isn't technology grand?

But how much can we save?

The Department of Energy says that you can on average up to 10%-15% on your electric bill by using a smart thermostat and it's controls. Other reports have claimed up to and 18%-20% reduction in energy bills. 

Your milage can and will vary based upon usage, humidity levels, square footage and if there is zonal control. Considering the climate of South Florida, any savings can be a bountiful one.  

For the environmentally conscience, Smart Thermostats are also environmentally friendly, as they're not containing the toxic Mercury like old thermostats did in the past, and they usually use low-voltage. Less energy consumed adds up to savings, and Energy Efficiency is becoming more and more a need in todays modern homes.

So, overall using a Smart thermostat is a overall win-win for homeowners. Utilizing the Smart Controls for Scheduling your Cooling Scenarios will win big for both the Environment and your wallet.