Top 10 AC Tips for Surviving a Florida Summer

While beautiful and an ideal paradise, Florida Summers can be some of the most brutal ones in the nation. Taking into consideration rising temperatures and new heat records, it may seem challenging to stay cool in the Subtropical land where we live.

Here are some tips on Keeping you and your AC system Alive during these Scorching Florida Summers:

  1. Keep the Thermostat at an equal temperature:
    Constantly changing the temperature in the home/apartment can drive up cooling costs as well as put unnecessary load on your system. Keeping the Thermostat set at an equal temperature will also ensure even cooling and keep the AC Unit's Load to a minimum. Optimal Temperature Settings are Between 72 and 78 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Use Ceiling / Floor Fans to help the cooldown: Fans can not only help with air circulation in your home/apartment, it can also help move air to the right places and keep your home/apartment at the right temperature.
  3. Avoid Cracking open Windows and Balcony Doors:
    While you're running your AC unit check your home/house for open or "cracked" windows and doors. Also keep Balcony Doors closed. Keeping them closed stops warm humid air from coming in. Also note on Exterior Doors if there is light coming out from any of the seams, especially the bottom, that is letting cool air out.
  4. Minimize the use of Hot Appliances:
    We all to cook, we're not saying don't cook! But if you can avoid excessively using these appliances during the peak heat of the day, that will lessen the load on your AC unit.
  5. Window Dressings:
    Using windows dressings, specifically Blinds or Black-out Curtains help lessen the heat and solar load of your home/apartment. Lessening this load with also keep your home/apartment at more even temperatures, which lessens the load on your AC Unit.
  6. Keep your AC Unit in a good state of maintenance:
    Like other machines in our lives, AC units need to be taken care of as well. Review our Ultimate guide to HVAC Maintenance in Florida to see what you can do to keep it in tip top shape.
  7. Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat:
    Upgrading your thermostat can help increase your system's efficiency and could end up saving you some money on your electric bills as well.
  8. Keep your home/apartment Low on Humidity:
    Air Conditioners also dehumidify the air as part of the cooling process. Keeping your home/apartment low in humidty prevents mold, mildew and other airborne contaminants from taking hold. It also prevents leaks from your Drain Pan/Drainage Lines and prevents water damage. It also keeps the air cool.
  9. Keep your Condenser Unit Free from Foliage and other things:
    That big unit outside your house/apartment needs air flow. Keeping it "breathing" and free from overgrowth, debris and animal nests keeps it efficient and working properly. It also assist in making service (if needed) easier for the technician, making your repair time less as long as it is accessible.
  10. Schedule Routine Checkups for your System:
    By maintaining your HVAC systems with regular checkups, however, your equipment can stay problem-free for years. At Arctic Air Home Services, we provide the heating and AC maintenance you need for a reliably comfortable indoor environment.