3 Common Signs of Tankless Water Heater Issues

Tankless or on-demand water heaters are more efficient than standard models because they don’t have to keep a water tank hot constantly. A tankless unit can help you lower your home’s utility bills, and it takes up less space than a bulky tank. However, you’ll still need to have it checked regularly by a professional and watch for problems. The following signs of tankless water heater issues include a lack of hot water, an unusual smell, and low water pressure.

Tankless Water Heater Not Producing Enough Hot Water 

What does it mean when the water from your tankless water heater doesn't get hot enough? Tankless water heaters have sensors that can detect overheating or excess exhaust and shut them down automatically. This is called combustion shutdown, and it can cause you to suddenly run out of hot water. If your water is lukewarm but not hot, you could have mineral buildup on your heating element. You may also need a tankless water heater with more capacity.

An Unusual Smell Near Your Tankless Water Heater

Mineral buildup and corrosion can cause a metallic smell as well. It could turn the water brown or rust-colored. If you notice a stale, musty, or rotting smell near your water heater, it might have a leak. This is rare for tankless water heaters, but they can leak occasionally. Make sure you check the area for water damage, remove any materials with biological growth, and get repairs if needed. That way, you can prevent asthma and allergy symptoms and other health problems like fatigue, eye irritation or headaches.

Low Water Pressure from Tankless Water Heater

Mineral buildup in the pipes near your water heater could cause low water pressure. If you have the same problem when you use only cold water, there could be a blockage in another pipe or a problem with your local utility company. You can also have low water pressure if you try to use hot water from two or more fixtures or appliances at the same time.

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