4 Common HVAC Smells That Might Signal Trouble

When the HVAC system in your Sarasota, Florida, home is acting up, it will usually give you a warning. One of those warning signs may be smells that your HVAC systems emit. Here are four HVAC smells that you never want to ignore.

Rotten Eggs

One of the most urgent smells that need to be addressed is rotten eggs. This odor is added to natural gas so that homeowners can smell it when there’s a gas leak in the house. If you detect this odor, open the windows in your home, and then go somewhere safe to call the gas company.

Electrical Smells

An electrical smell is usually an indication of overheating in the system. The issue could be a small one or a major one. First, check your filter for clogging, and shut down and restart your system. If this does not help, the smell is most likely related to bad wiring or problems with the motor, in which case you need to call a professional.

Oily Smells

The smell of oil can signify one of two problems with your HVAC system. The first is an oil leak, which means that a fitting needs to be tightened or an oil line needs to be repaired or replaced. The second possibility is that the filter is bad. If changing the filter does not fix the problem, contact an HVAC technician, who can safely diagnose, repair, and dispose of your system’s oil.

Burnt Smoke

A smoldering smell in your home or a constant burning smell could indicate a problem with the condenser coil. This problem can often be prevented with regular maintenance, but if you do smell burning, call for professional service.

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