4 Easy Ways to Lower Your AC Costs This Summer!

The summer months cause a huge increase in energy costs. Studies have shown that the increase is about 22% for your electricity. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, these summer AC tips can lower your electric bill and give you more money to spend at the beach enjoying the summer sun! Here are 4 simple tips to lowering your air conditioning costs this summer!

Remember Your Maintenance

Just like you need an annual check-up at the doctor or regular cleanings at the dentist. Your HVAC units need to be maintained! If you haven’t had a chance to schedule one in 2021, don’t put it off!

Preventative maintenance can spot problems before they become major issues. Even something as simple as adjusting bent fins or clearing away debris can prevent a major disaster like an overheated unit. Other issues can be spotted too. Even if there aren’t any major problems, our maintenance can improve efficiency for the rest of the summer!

Sometimes You Have to Replace

Air conditioners are machines with a lot of moving parts. From fans to refrigerant, there are so many ways they can get damaged. Eventually, when they get up there in age, you’ll need to replace your AC unit. Unfortunately, if you incorrectly decide to repair instead of replacing, it can waste a lot of money!

We have a rule of thumb we like to give to our customers. If the cost of the repair multiplied by the age of the unit in years is greater than the cost of replacement, go with a replacement.

Age is a major factor that you need to consider. Most ACs don’t make it to 15 years of age. Additionally, remember that a new unit is likely to be more efficient anyways. Moral of the story: Don’t put off replacement by making constant repairs this summer.

Replace Air Filters Regularly

Air filters are one of the most important parts of your HVAC unit. It’s up to homeowners to replace these every few months to keep your HVAC systems in good working condition. Not only will your indoor air quality improve, but it’ll prevent airflow issues that could cause damage to your HVAC unit. An air filter that is completely clogged can cause frozen coils among other issues. You might also be surprised at how much fresher the air in your home feels after replacing your filters.

Be Smart with Your Thermostat

Your thermostat simply turns the AC on and off. However, installing a smart thermostat can greatly benefit your AC efficiency. A smart thermostat is a great investment because it’s almost guaranteed to pay for itself in about a year. It’ll make sure you don’t waste energy by cooling when it’s not ideal. You won’t have to give up your control of the temperature in your home. You can still adjust it manually and with some thermostats you can adjust it directly with your phone!

As the rest of the summer trucks along, you’ll want to implement some of these tips. Electricity costs can really add up during this time of year, especially with your air conditioning unit! Even simply implementing one or two of these ideas, can make an impact.

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