5 AC Sounds That Signal It's Time for An AC Repair

One of the attractive features of modern air conditioners is their quiet operation. Thanks to innovative technology, most AC units run below 55 decibels. If your air conditioner makes persistent, troublesome noises, or a new sound suddenly crops up, it might signal that you need an AC repair, and it’s time to seek AC services from a professional in Sarasota, FL.


If you hear a high-pitched hissing sound in your outdoor unit when your air conditioner turns on, it’s a signal that something is wrong with your compressor. The screaming, which typically lasts between 10 and 15 seconds, might also be accompanied by a frequent turning off and on of your air conditioner. It’s caused by a pressure buildup in your cooling system.


A bubbling noise coming from your outside condenser unit indicates a problem with a refrigerant leak in your evaporator coil or refrigerant line. Don’t try and fix the leak yourself; refrigerant gases are dangerous and can cause serious health problems.

Clanking Or Banging

A banging noise can mean a variety of things. It can stem from a broken or loose part rattling around in your blower assembly, motor, or compressor. It can also mean an unbalanced blower motor. If the noise originates in your outdoor unit, the fan blades might be hitting something, or the fan could have come loose from its mount and is hitting the fan cage.


A buzzing noise can signal an electrical issue. Electrical problems include loose wiring, circuit breakers, and the relay switch.


An irregular but persistent squealing noise from your indoor unit signals a worn-out fan belt. Changes in humidity and temperature cause the belt to expand and contract; this accounts for the irregular noise pattern.

If your air conditioner is making any of these noises, and you need AC repair, call (941) 757-8282 and talk with the professionals at Arctic Air. We’ve provided quality AC services to the Sarasota area for 10 years.