Air Conditioner Not Keeping Up? 4 Ways to Help Your Unit

When your air conditioner has trouble keeping up during Florida’s humid weather, it can lead to an uncomfortable summer. Taking steps like scheduling a service appointment and blocking out the sun can help your air conditioner effectively cool your Sarasota, Florida, home.

Schedule a Tune-Up Appointment

It’s important to have your unit inspected by a professional at least two times each year. One of these service appointments should take place before the summer. Your technician will inspect the different working parts of the unit, complete any necessary tune-ups, and make any recommendations for necessary repairs before humidity levels increase.

Block Out the Sun

The Florida sun can get hot. It might be tempting to leave the window shades open as you enjoy the sunny weather, but direct sunlight can actually affect your air conditioner’s ability to keep up. Keep the shades closed on especially hot days or install solar shades if you prefer to keep them open. If possible, block any gaps in doors and windows where hot air could be entering the house.

Use Fans

Using fans in combination with your air conditioning unit can help you reach a comfortable temperature. Fans circulate the air through the house, allowing you to cool other rooms with ease. Keep in mind though, fans do not actually cool the house on their own. Instead, they can assist the AC unit throughout your home.

Complete Home Maintenance

Routine home maintenance can also help your unit keep up. Regularly changing out your air filter allows the cool air to flow freely through your house. It can also be helpful to inspect vents and ensure there’s no debris blocking the passageways. Also, keep the area around your external unit clean and free of any debris.

If your AC unit is just not keeping up this summer, then you might need to schedule a service appointment or change your air filter. If you’re still having trouble, call us at Arctic Air Services, Inc. at (941) 757-8282 to schedule an AC repair.

Image provided by Bigstock