Decorative Light Safety

Safe Lighting Decor

Light is a great way to decorate our homes and rooms to add a touch more glitter and personality. From holiday lighting to everyday fixtures that are sure to wow your guests, decorative lights are fun and beautiful.

Like all things in your home, you want to be sure you’re using these decorative pieces in a safe way to keep from any mishaps and dangerous situations. The experts at Arctic Air Home Services are here to take you through different decorative lights and discuss how to utilize them in a safe manner.

Holiday Lights

You may be the type to leave your holiday lights up all year round. We won’t judge! We love being in the holiday spirit as long as you’re doing so safely.

If you’ve left the lights up for a few months, be sure to inspect them before turning them on once again for the season. There may be some broken bulbs, or frayed cords. This damage could cause an electric shock or worse, a fire when plugged in again. If your lights are damaged, you’re better off replacing them so as to not risk your home’s safety.

For those who take down the lights in January and put them back up in November, be sure your installation is safe. Practice ladder safety and try to avoid being up on your roof.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a popular decorating choice amongst young children and teens. Luckily, these small, sparkly lights are generally safe. They are often made with LED lights which don’t emit heat, meaning they are less likely to start a fire.

However, these lights could still cause an electrical fire if the socket they are plugged into is overloaded. Be sure not to give your outlets more than they can handle and as a precaution, turn off or unplug the fairy lights at bedtime, or when you’re out of the house.

Lava Lamps

We aren’t in the 60’s anymore, but we know the lava lamp has never gone out of style for some people! If you or your child chooses to decorate their nightstand with a lava lamp, be sure to follow the manufacturer rules.

This includes not leaving the lamp on for longer than 8 hours, not touching the lamp while it’s on, and as with fairy lights, do not overload the socket it is plugged into. You should also take time to clean any dust off of the lamp from time to time (while it’s off) to let the groovy glow shine through.


Chandeliers are a wonderful piece of lighting decor for any home and are sure to awe your guests. To avoid an accident, you should regularly check the safety cable to ensure it is properly secured and strong.

When cleaning, never turn or twirl your chandelier to face you. Instead, move your ladder around as you clean. You can clean the crystals simply with isopropyl alcohol diluted with water and a microfiber towel.

Outdoor Lighting

Anytime electrical components are exposed to the elements, you want to be absolutely sure they are safely installed and maintained. Here are some ways to have safe outdoor lighting:

  • Use outdoor-rated fixtures and bulbs
  • Use the correct wattages for fixtures
  • Use outdoor extension cords
  • Keep flammable materials away from lights generating heat
  • Install covers for rain protection
  • Install GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Protection

Electrical Installation in Sarasota

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