Do You Want Your AC System To Run Efficiently and Use Less Energy?

It is hot and humid in the Sarasota, Florida, area so having a well-running air conditioning system is vital to your family’s health and comfort. It is best to have your entire system serviced before something goes wrong or before you need your air conditioning the most. A well-maintained AC system will run much smoother and more efficiently.

Have Your AC System Serviced Regularly

In general, your system should be serviced twice per year, especially in Western Florida where the air conditioners run nearly year-round. A complete AC service should involve a comprehensive tune-up that checks all components and aspects of your air conditioning system. Included in the service should be an inspection and maintenance of each separate piece of equipment, as well as a thorough inspection of the overall system.

Hire a Professional to Maintain Your System

Due to the complexity of air conditioning systems, a skilled technician with advanced knowledge of all of the working parts should be hired to complete the inspection and provide maintenance. There are condensers, motors, electrical connections, evaporators, and thermostats with controls that will need to be looked at. You will save money in the long run by having a professional service your HVAC system.

Invest in a Maintenance Plan

Investing in a maintenance plan will ensure that you commit to having your system serviced in a timely manner. Arctic Air Services, Inc. offers several tiers of maintenance plans, and they all include reminders telling you when it is time to schedule your maintenance. The plans include two semi-annual tune-ups, as well as discounts on repairs, products, and any service that is performed. Not only will your home run with improved energy efficiency, your cooling costs will be lowered as well.

To have your HVAC system serviced and for more information on investing in a maintenance plan for your Sarasota, Florida, home, please call (941) 757-8282 today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Arctic Air Services, Inc. will be happy to speak with you.

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