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How Much Damage Can a Water Leak Cause?

Multiple Ways Small Leaks Can & Will Cause Major Problems

There are multiple ways that a small leak can turn into a major problem. Here are some potential concerns:

  • A pipe that is leaking can burst while you’re asleep, it can have hours to flood your home and cause irrevocable damage.
  • It can leak within walls where it can cause some of the most damage. A small leak can go on for months or even years, behind a wall, before you realize it. It can soak the wood and insulation and can cause structural damage, while causing thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Even a minor pipe leak can cause major damage to walls, ceilings, carpet, and hardwood flooring. A leak can leave water stains and other damage that’s irreversible. It can also cause mold, which is extremely dangerous to your health as well as cause structural damage.
  • One of the worst-case scenarios is that many insurance policies do not cover water damage. If your policy has an exclusion for flooding or water damage, you may have to pay yourself if your home sustains serious water damage.

It is extremely important for you to be very focused about any water leaks in your home. The financial problems of a small leak can result in extreme property damage or loss. If you find a leak, no matter how small, call or text Arctic Air at (941) 275-2500 for possible same day service.