How Should I Landscape Around My Air Conditioning Unit?

The air conditioning unit in your Sarasota, Florida, home relies on two main components. The first is the air conditioning unit located within the house, and the second is the outdoor unit. Both are very important in the overall operation and functionality of the system, which is why it’s crucial to make sure they’re properly maintained. Protect your AC’s outdoor unit with proper landscaping and maintenance.

Trim the Plants and Grass

The first step in landscaping around your air conditioning unit is to make sure it doesn’t have any plants or grass growing too close to it. Shrubs can clog up the housing of the outdoor unit, resulting in poor energy efficiency that causes your bills to increase. All the plants you have growing in your yard should be trimmed back to provide at least 2-3 feet of space around the unit. Not only will this rule of thumb help to protect your unit, but it will make it easier for your HVAC technician to access the unit and perform regular maintenance and repairs.

Provide Shade

Although you should avoid shading the outdoor unit, you can still take advantage of the cooling effect that shade provides by making sure your yard is properly shaded. Adding taller trees and shrubs all around the yard will make a big difference in the overall atmosphere, both for you and your unit. Make sure to allow for plenty of clearance around the housing as you’re mapping out your landscaping plan. Trees and bushes shouldn’t grow within a few feet of the top of the outdoor unit.

Keep It Clean

You can also perform some regular maintenance by making sure the housing is clean and free of yard debris. Grass clippings, leaves, and other debris tend to blow around your yard when you’re working outside, and they can get trapped in the outdoor unit’s housing, reducing airflow. When the air conditioner doesn’t have enough air, the compressor can freeze up or stop working.

Protect your air conditioning system by landscaping around it and contacting our team at Arctic Air Services, Inc. to handle annual maintenance. Call us to schedule an appointment at (941) 757-8282.

Image provided by Shutterstock