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How to Determine If You Need a Dehumidifier

Dampness in the air, black spots on the walls, and musty odors are three signs that you need a dehumidifier to your Manatee County home. The dampness causes indoor contaminants to thrive; compromising your health. Removing the dampness in the air will improve the indoor air quality.

Air quality is a combination of factors; humidity is only one. Achieving a healthy balance of dampness in the air can be challenging. Measuring the air quality in your home is best done by professionals. However, there are several signs of compromised indoor air quality that a homeowner can easily recognize:

Musty Smells

A dead giveaway that you need a dehumidifier is a musty smell. The foul odor is hard to describe, but the scent is easy to recognize. The musty odor indicates that contaminants are growing in your home.

The presence of contaminated particles can also be noticed in your health. Respiratory infections are a common consequence of contaminated indoor air quality. Does your family suffer from stuffy noses, wheezing, and watery or itchy eyes? It could be due to the air quality.

Check for Skin Irritation

Contaminated particles can travel easily throughout your home. Microscopic particles land on your skin, causing rashes. Skin irritation, itching, and rashes can indicate contaminated air.

Look at Your Walls and Fabrics

Take a good look at the interior of your home. Do you see black spots on any walls? Biological contaminants growing on the walls appear as tiny black dots. They frequently grow in the bathroom or kitchen. Humid air helps biological contaminants grow on surfaces and infect the air quality.

Condensation on walls is also a significant clue that you need to install a dehumidifier. Peeling wallpaper, water stains on ceilings, damp upholstery are symptoms of dampness in the air.

Air quality is easy to improve. Our professionals can give you a personalized assessment of your home’s needs. Learn more about Arctic Air Services, Inc. indoor air quality services by giving us a call today!