How to Set Your Thermostat at the Perfect Temperature

Consumer Reports found that Energy Star’s recommendations for your home temperature to be set at 78º is only appropriate during the day. Overnight, the energy-efficient temperature is actually 82º. Balancing the benefits of energy efficiency and the perfect home temperature for comfort and sleep is a challenge for many Manatee County residents.

Use zone heating for the perfect sleep temperature.

Quality sleep can be an elusive dream for many Americans. Insomnia rates have been soaring in the United States. Americans typically reach for sleep aids to get a good night’s sleep.

According to a study published by the National Institutes of Health, sleep quality is strongly influenced by the temperature of your home. Are you among the over 35% of adult Americans suffering from insomnia? Using zone climate control to isolate the bedroom area will balance an ideal home temperature with energy efficiency.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

What if learning to set your home thermostat to the ideal temperature could cure your insomnia? Zone heating permits the homeowner to concentrate cooling to the bedroom zone of the house. The next piece of the indoor climate control puzzle is programmable devices.

Programming your device for the ideal indoor temperature based on area and time of day will improve your comfort level, leading to better sleep. Many programmable thermostats will allow for multiple settings based on time of day and zones. To guarantee optimal indoor temperature, use a digital device that will allow precise temperature and time settings.

Invest in Smart Home Technology

Sarasota’s annual temperatures rarely dip below the 50s. Given the tropical temperatures, it is a challenge for homeowners to keep their homes cool (and energy efficient.) Smart home technology conveniently allows for remote control over indoor temperatures.

Use a combination of zone heating, programmable devices, and smart home technology to set the perfect indoor temperature. The perfect indoor temperature for your household will be determined by your personal comfort factor, energy efficiency needs, and utility bill concerns.

It is important to maintain your smart home technology system with one of our maintenance plans. Our Gold Semi-Annual Agreement offers two semi-annual maintenance visits, along with a $75 diagnostic charge (normally $92), a one-year warranty with any repair and extended warranty maintenance verification. The next plan is the Platinum Quarterly Agreement, which you could receive two semi-annual maintenance visits, two filter changes, drain line cleanings and refrigerant level check, a free diagnostic ($92 savings) with repair, free refrigerant leak search with repair and more. These maintenance plans increase the efficiency of your cooling and heating systems for indoor climate control and the system’s service life to maximize your home’s comfort.

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