The Importance of Pressure Sensors in Your HVAC System

With the warm temperatures and high humidity that are common in Bradenton, Florida, a fully functional air conditioning system is a necessity. Some of the most important components within the HVAC system are the pressure sensors, which keep it running efficiently.

What Are HVAC Pressure Sensors?

One of the key reasons your HVAC system needs pressure sensors is to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Every aspect of the system, including the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components, relies on the pressure sensors to determine how much air needs to be moved through the space. Since each sensor performs its own unique function within the system’s operations, it’s important to keep an eye on potential errors or problems that could result in comfort issues.

Pressure Sensor Calibration

Even if your HVAC pressure sensors aren’t damaged, your system may be in need of calibration. One of the signs of a problem with the sensors is poor efficiency, which can manifest in the form of high energy bills or poor comfort. If the sensors aren’t properly calibrated, a carbon dioxide sensor may indicate the need for fresh air, causing the system to allow more outside air into the space. This could make your home feel hot and humid, even when the AC is running.

Having pressure sensors calibrated can improve overall operating efficiency, helping you save money and keep your home more comfortable throughout the changing seasons. An experienced HVAC technician can calibrate the sensors periodically to keep your system running efficiently. This also ensures a comfortable indoor atmosphere, even as the seasons change and you rely more on the air conditioning system or the heating system. Different types of sensors may require different methods for calibration. For example, a pressure sensor determines how much pressure is inside the coolant line, so recalibrating that might involve flushing the line.

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